Thursday, October 29, 2015

Resources in Support of Veterans’ Voices Month

Did you know that October is Veterans’ Voices Month in Minnesota? Facilitated by the Minnesota Humanities Center and our partners, in May 2014 the Minnesota State Legislature passed a law by unanimous vote designating the entire month of October as Veterans’ Voices Month—with a focus on building public understanding of what it means to be a Veteran. The Humanities Center is creating resources to support Veterans’ Voices Month and a few are highlighted this week.

Veterans’ Voices Program Video
This video by Whirlygig Productions highlights the importance and impact of the Humanities Center’s Veterans’ Voices program, which began in 2013. The video features interviews with Veterans’ Voices Program Officer, Trista Matascastillo and 2014 Veterans’ Voices Awardees Brockton Hunter, Evan Tsai, and Richard Leonard.


Ampers Radio Partnership with the Minnesota Humanities Center’s Veterans’ Voices Program:
Ampers Radio recorded, and will offer for broadcast to its network of 16 diverse community radio stations from around Minnesota, a series of short audio stories from Veterans’ Voices Awardees and others from the Minnesota Veteran community—stories told in their own voices.


Veterans’ Voices Month Resources for Educators
This collection of online resources supports educators during Veterans' Voices Month and beyond. These materials capture the authentic stories and experiences of military members, Veterans, and their families; meet real needs of both military and non-military communities; reflect a diversity of experiences; and align with the mission of the Humanities Center.

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Coming Soon! Veterans’ Voices Literature Resource for Educators
Created in partnership with the Great Books Foundation, this evolving project uses the anthology Standing Down and other literary tools to support educators in cultivating a deeper understanding of military culture in the classroom. Selections from Standing Down include: A Journey Taken with My Son by Myrna E. Bein, An Irish Airman Foresees His Death by William Butler Yeats, Perimeter Watch by Brian Turner, The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln, and The Things They Carried (selection) by Tim O’Brien to name a few.

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