Monday, August 7, 2017

Christianna Shortridge - Connecting Full Circle in a Digital World

Christianna Shortridge is the former Communications Director of the Minnesota Humanities Center. She recently relocated to Truckee, California where she will transfer her humanities communications work to a new state. Christianna will write her new blog, SpiritChange, hike in the Sierra Nevada, and pursue her new dream of creating mosaic art out of strategically broken heirloom dishes.

How long does it take to design a new website? How will our programs and events be highlighted? Can we change that header title? When can I get a peek?

These are just a few of the questions that I heard during my 18-month stint leading the production team of this new website that you are enjoying today. But this is not just a website . . . this is a vital piece of the Minnesota Humanities Center's messaging & digital storytelling project.

This messaging and digital storytelling project includes key messaging, engaging photography, relevant content, social media, and many other elements. This project has offered opportunities for clear messaging, a clean and simple design, and concise content created not only with a stellar internal team but also with design and storytelling experts at Haberman in Minneapolis and with scholars, staff, and the board members of the Humanities Center.

What you are looking at now is a true reflection of collaborative work that is at the heart of the Humanities Center — the stories, cultures, people, and communities that encompass the humanities in Minnesota. This new digital experience intentionally includes the many voices and communities that make Minnesota such an incredible place, including those often missing voices or absent narratives.

As you scroll and click through the Humanities Center's new site, you will see a theme of circular connectivity woven throughout the pages. Circles. Story circles, the Humanities Center circle logo, the collaborative work of the Humanities Center. It is all circular and connected — focusing on what unites us and not what divides us. Even in our hectic digital world, we all need to fall back on the humanities, which help us connect and understand our world and each other.

Rich in content and visually stunning (in my opinion), this new website encompasses the collaborative, community spirit which makes the Humanities Center a place where people want to gather, learn, connect, and grow. The more you dig into this site the more you will discover how the humanities are alive and part of your everyday life, connecting us all together in this great human community.

Welcome to the new site! We hope you enjoy it and find it a useful tool as you navigate and engage with the humanities in Minnesota.