Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Bdote Field Trip: Dakota in the Twin Cities

The Minnesota Humanities Center is once again offering its Bdote Field Trip: Dakota in the Twin Cities on May 18 and September 25, 2016. The Bdote Field Trip is a daylong trip that visits sites in St. Paul and Minneapolis that are of significance to Dakota people and learning about them from a Dakota perspective.

The Bdote Field Trip developed out of a partnership between the Humanities Center and Allies: media/art and built upon the digital deep mapping project Bdote Memory Map. This trip provides an experiential introduction to absent narratives — stories that have been systematically marginalized or left out in classrooms and curricula — and challenges assumptions made about Dakota history and identity. The field trip is led by Dakota scholars and educators who share their stories of this land and its first people.

Throughout the trip, Mona Smith, Ethan Neerdaels, and Ramona Kitto Stately guide participants on walks at sites of significance to Dakota people, sharing personal stories that shape an understanding of Minnesota as a Dakota place despite centuries of oppression. Throughout the journey, participants come to see different dimensions of this place and gain a deeper understanding of the region they call home.

For more information about the Bdote Field Trip experience see “Toward a Pedagogy of Place: The Bdote Field Trip and Absent Narratives in the Classroom” by Kirk MacKinnon Morrow.

*Bdote Field Trips are open to educators and members of the general public. Visit to learn more and sign up for upcoming trips.

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